The Beginner's Program

  • Involves building up towards a full-day cleanse with 3 consecutive days of meal replacements, a full day cleanse on the 4th day, and another 3 days of meal replacements to complete.
  • Perfect for first timers, this regiment provides a gradual building up towards a full-day cleanse and is the easiest to follow.
    • Day 1: Meal replacement
    • Day 2: Meal replacement
    • Day 3: Meal replacement
    • Day 4: One-day cleanse
    • Day 5: Meal replacement
    • Day 6: Meal replacement
    • Day 7: Meal replacement
  • You will need 10 pouches.


One-Day Program

  • Involves taking 4-5 servings of bone broth for one day while cutting carbs and sugar.
  • For those who want to get a start on weight loss, break a cycle of unhealthy eating and get the benefits of a short fast such as stabilizing blood sugar levels, reset the appetite, and some detoxification. 
  • You will need 5 pouches.


Five-Day Meal Replacement

  • Involves substituting bone broth for one meal in a day over 5 consecutive days. 
  • For those who are new to cleansing or prefer to go at a slower (but steady) pace for weight loss. This is a great way to give your body a consistent dose of nutrients like collagen, Omega 3, glutamine, Vitamins A, K, manganese, potassium, and other trace minerals. 
  • You will need 5 pouches.


Three-Day Program

  • Involves taking 5 servings of bone broth throughout the day for three days while cutting all carbs and sugar. 
  • For those who want to jumpstart weight loss and get benefits of a long fast such as deep detoxification, stabilizing blood sugar levels, resetting hormones, resetting the appetite, and restoring a good gut flora balance. 
  • You will need 15 pouches.